Reap the Benefits of Cheap Plastic Business Cards Without Compromising Your Brand

Cheap Plastic Business Cards


Cheap plastic cards are a great way to extend your business presence and promote your brand. To businesses wishing to give out their contact information in a professional manner, nothing beats the durability and detailed presentation of a plastic business card.

Features Benefits of Cheap Plastic Cards

What makes them a popular choice is their versatility. Plastic cards offer a variety of upsell features, including color printing, die cutting, embossing, gold foil stamping, scored options, and so on. Plus, custom printing options like specific shapes and special sizes can be requested.

The greatest benefit of plastic business cards is their sheer durability and anti-tear qualities. They are water and weather resistant, making them perfect for outdoor applications like tradeshow giveaways. It is nearly impossible for someone to damage or tear a cheap plastic card because it is designed to withstand virtually any situation.


  • Resistant to damage, tears, and water
  • A wide variety of upgrades and custom print options available
  • Can be used in nearly any situation


  • More costly than paper cards due to added complexity and features
  • Additional time is necessary for custom printing orders
  • Cards may be too thick to fit in a standard card reader

Case Studies of Cheap Plastic Business Cards

Absolutly Faded

Absolutly Faded, a new online clothing store, was looking for a unique way to stand out among the competition. Rather than use a traditional paper card to hand out to potential customers, they opted to use plastic cards. Absolutly Faded chose to print their logo and contact information onto one side of the card, and a unique QR code on the other. This provided potential customers with an interactive way to learn more about the company. The ownership of Absolutly Faded was very pleased with the high-quality of the plastic cards and personalized design.


LightingForce needed a business card solution that could last longer than a typical paper card. After some research, they decided to go with cheap plastic cards because of their sturdiness and ability to be customized in unique shapes and colors. LightingForce also added a gold foil stamping design to the cards, making them look even more polished. As a result, LightingForce reported that their plastic cards helped them make a great impression that last with potential clients.


  • Will plastic cards fit into a standard card reader?

    No, plastic cards may be too thick to fit in a standard card reader. If this is the case, consider using paper cards.

  • Do plastic cards offer customization options?

    Yes, plastic cards offer various customization options, including color printing, scoring, embossing, and more.

  • Are plastic cards more expensive than paper cards?

    Yes, plastic cards are more expensive than paper cards due to the added complexity and features.

Mistakes People Make with Cheap Plastic Cards

One common mistake people make when ordering plastic cards is not ordering enough. Since plastic cards are more expensive than paper cards, some people mistakenly order a small amount. This can be remedied by ordering a larger amount in order to save money in the long run.

Another mistake people make with plastic cards is neglecting to check for errors before ordering. It is critical to proofread all text and design elements before sending a card to be printed to ensure it is free of errors. Otherwise, any mistakes will cost an extra fee and may delay the delivery of the cards.

Best Practices for Cheap Plastic Cards

Cheap plastic cards require some extra attention to ensure they are printed to the highest quality. One of the most important best practices is to work with a reliable printing company. Make sure to research potential companies to make sure they abide by the highest industry standards and utilize quality materials.

Another best practice is to use high-resolution images and order a test card prior to ordering the final batch. This can help you ensure the cards are up to your expectations before you commit to a full order.

Summary Review

Cheap plastic cards are a great way for businesses to promote their brand in a professional manner. These cards are highly durable, water-resistant, and offer a variety of customization options such as embossing, gold foil stamping, scored options, and so on. While plastic cards are more expensive than paper cards, they last longer and provide a higher-quality product. To ensure plastic cards are ordered correctly, consider ordering a test card prior to committing to the full order, and make sure to work with a reputable printing company.