The Benefits of Using Plastic Gift Cards for Holiday Shopping

Plastic Gift Cards

The Benefits of Plastic Gift Cards

Gift cards are the perfect way to show someone you care. Whether it be for their special day, a holiday, or an act of appreciation, gift cards provide a world of possibilities to the receiver. Gift cards are especially beneficial when presented in the form of plastic cards, and there are numerous advantages that make these cards an obvious choice for gift-givers.


Gift cards have become an increasingly popular form of exchanging gifts over the past few years. They allow for not only convenience for the gift-giver, but also provide options that the receiver can use to customize their gift to their own desires. With all of this in mind, it's no wonder why gift cards have become so sought after by both givers and receivers alike.

However, not all gift cards are created equal. While digital gift cards are certainly convenient, they also have some drawbacks when compared to their plastic counterparts. Plastic gift cards provide numerous advantages over digital ones, and should be taken into consideration the next time you're giving someone a gift.

Features of Plastic Gift Cards

One of the most attractive features of plastic gift cards is the fact that they can be personalized with the receiver's name or a message from the giver. This personal touch adds a special touch to the gift and makes it more special for the receiver. Some retailers even offer custom designs to choose from or the option to upload an image. On top of that, adding an image or custom design usually doesn't cost anything extra, allowing the giver to show their creativity within their budget.

Plastic cards are also more durable than their digital counterparts. Digital codes can be easily lost or forgotten, which can be a hassle for both the giver and receiver. Plastic cards, by contrast, are physical items that can be kept and easily kept track of. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking to give a special gift that lasts the test of time.

Benefits of Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are not only more personalized and durable than digital gift cards, they can also provide more value over time. This is due to the fact that many retailers offer incentives that can increase the value of the card over time. For example, some stores will offer bonus points or discounts for using the card multiple times. This is not possible with digital gift cards, which can have a fixed value that never changes.

Plastic gift cards can also provide more security than digital ones. Whereas digital cards are sometimes prone to fraud and can be easily copied or stolen, plastic cards have additional security features, such as signature strips or holograms, that can help ensure their legitimacy. This makes plastic gifts cards a safer option than digital ones, which can provide peace of mind to both the giver and receiver.

Pros Cons

Like all gifts, there are pros and cons to consider when giving plastic gift cards. One of the main benefits is the fact that they are more secure than digital cards, and can be personalized to match the receiver's preferences. Additionally, they are more durable and usually offer more value over time due to bonus incentives.

On the other hand, plastic cards can be more expensive than digital ones due to the artwork and customization associated with them. Additionally, plastic cards can take longer to process, so if you need a quick gift solution, digital cards may be the way to go.

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Bob wanted to give his friend a special gift for her birthday, but was on a tight budget. He decided to go with a plastic gift card from one of her favorite stores. He was able to customize the card with a photo of them at a party they had attended together, and was able to get it with bonus points attached. His friend was thrilled with the gift, and the extra points made it even more special.

Case Study 2:

Jeff was looking for a graduation gift for his niece. He decided to go with a plastic gift card from her favorite clothing retailer. He was able to customize the card with her name and a congratulatory message. Jeff was happy with his choice, as it was a thoughtful and memorable gift that would put a smile on his niece's face. Plus, the bonus points would give her even more value for her purchase.

Case Study 3:

Sue was in need of a last minute Mother's Day gift, but she was tight on time and money. She opted for a digital gift card as they are typically more cost-effective and take less time to process. Sue was able to get her mom the perfect gift, but wasn't able to personalize it or give it extra value. Although her mom still appreciated the gesture, Sue wished she had gone with a plastic gift card instead.


Q: What are the benefits of plastic gift cards?

A: The benefits of plastic gift cards include: personalization, durability, additional security features, bonus incentives, and extra value.

Q: Are plastic cards more expensive than digital ones?

A: Yes, plastic cards are typically more expensive than digital ones due to the artwork and customization involved. However, they can provide more value over time due to bonus incentives.

Q: Can I customize a digital gift card?

A: No, digital gift cards do not typically offer the option for personalization like plastic ones do.

Mistakes People Make

When choosing a gift card, people often overlook the advantages of plastic cards. While digital gift cards certainly have their own benefits, people often go for them without considering the advantages of plastic cards as well. Additionally, people might forget or overlook the additional security measures that plastic cards have over digital ones, such as signatures strips or holograms.

Best Practices

When giving gift cards, the best practice is to consider both digital and plastic cards. Though digital cards have their own advantages, plastic ones should not be overlooked. They provide the ability to personalize the gift and add extra value, and also have additional security measures to ensure their legitimacy. Additionally, it is important to remember that plastic cards can take longer to process, so if you need a quick solution, digital cards will be the way to go.

Final Notes

Gift cards are an excellent choice for any gift-giver. When given in the form of a plastic card, they have various benefits that make them an attractive choice for those looking to send a special gift. They can be personalized and provide extra value, while also offering additional security to ensure their legitimacy. With all these factors in mind, plastic gift cards are a great choice for giving someone a thoughtful gift.