Why PVC ID Cards are Essential for Safety Security

PVC ID Cards

A Comprehensive Guide to PVC ID Cards

PVC ID Cards continue to be a popular option for many organizations and businesses. With the ever-increasing security breaches taking place both online and in-person, there is a growing need for reliable identification methods. The following guide will cover all aspects of PVC ID Cards, including features, benefits, pros cons, case studies, mistakes people make, best practices, and more.

Introduction to PVC ID Cards

PVC ID Cards are credit card size plastic cards with printed elements on them that are used for identification, age verification, access control, loyalty programs, and more. The cards are often made from strong and bend resistant PVC or polycarbonate and contain features such as magnetic stripe data, barcodes, and more. Typically, PVC ID cards provide a secure method of identification and require a compatible reader to process the card data.

Features and Benefits of PVC ID Cards


  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Easy to Customize
  • High Quality Print
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Data
  • Optional Barcodes
  • Secure Identification


  • Can be used in place of a physical security key
  • Patrons can keep track of usage with an ID card
  • Prevents unauthorised access to restricted areas
  • Improves security and staff accountability
  • Creates a professional and unified look and feel

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Customizable with text, logos, and other graphics
  • Can include a variety of features, such as magnetic stripes and barcodes
  • Highly secure method of identification


  • Requires compatible readers to process card data
  • Can be expensive to print in large batches

Case Studies

Below are a few representative case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of PVC ID cards.

Case Study 1: A College Library

A college campus library needed to provide secure identification cards for its patrons. PVC ID Cards proved to be an ideal solution, as they are both hard wearing and customizable. The library was able to include a magnetic stripe on the back of each card, allowing them to store the patrons' library cards securely. In addition, the cards included barcodes for easy check-ins/check-outs and a customized design for a professional look and feel.

Case Study 2: A Movie Theatre

A movie theatre needed a secure method of verifying a patron's age, so they opted to use PVC ID Cards. The movie theatre customized each card with the patron's name and a barcode on the back. This allowed the theater to securely identify each patron and ensure that only those of the appropriate age gain entry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are PVC ID Cards secure?

A: Yes, most PVC ID Cards are secure and durable. The cards can be customized to include a variety of features, such as magnetic stripes and barcodes, which can help provide an additional layer of security.

Q: Can PVC ID Cards be customized?

A: Yes, PVC ID Cards can be customized with logos, text, photos, and other graphics.

Q: Do PVC ID Cards require a reader?

A: Yes, most PVC ID Cards require a compatible reader to process the card data.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Choosing an inferior quality card material
  • Failing to include necessary features and security elements
  • Printing cards in batches that are too small
  • Not using a professional printing service
  • Ordering cards without testing them first

Best Practices

  • Choose a high-quality card material
  • Include features such as magnetic stripes and barcodes
  • Print cards in large batches to get the best prices
  • Use a professional printing service
  • Test the cards prior to ordering a large batch

Summary Review

Overall, PVC ID Cards are a reliable and secure method of identification and can be used in a variety of settings. The cards provide an extra layer of protection and can be easily customized with text, photos, logos, and more. With the proper materials and features, PVC ID Cards can help to create a unified look and feel. Additionally, using a professional printing service can help to ensure that the cards are printed to the highest quality standards.